Day 237: -4.0 lbs

I’m down 4.0 lbs. from the last post (2 weeks ago—sorry, got busy) and now safely out of the 300s, despite missing a couple of workout days. That means I am now only 2.0 lbs. away from my next mini-goal of 292.0. I have to say, my clothes are even more loose now and I […]

Day 423: -0.5 lb.

Resume breathing… At 298.0 I am still vulnerable to popping above 300 again, but I swear, I’m done with that and the scale cooperated this morning. It wasn’t great, but considering the 5.5 lb. drop from the week before, missing a day at the gym and the heat (= water retention), I call this a […]

Day 416: -7.5 lbs.

I’m back! I spent June bouncing between 306 and 301.5 and then back to 304. Ugh… Finally, today I finally broke out of that miserable cycle and dropped 5.5 lbs from last week to below 300 (298.5 to be exact). This officially marks 100 lbs. lost. Just another 150 or so to go! Easy peasy. […]

Day 367: -1.5 lbs.

I crossed the 1-year mark and I’m 6 lbs. short of making my goal of losing 100 lbs. for the year. I guess I’ll be stuck in the 300s for one more month and then I can kiss it goodbye forever. More things I’ve learned: I thought about this some more since the last post […]

Day 360: -2.0 lbs.

Oh so close, but I won’t quite make -100 lbs. for the year. Still, I have 4 days to go and less than 7.5 lbs. to lose, and that’s close enough. How does it feel? In a word— great! All things considered, it has been painless (discounting my background chronic pain and a month-long stall) […]

Day 353: -2.5 lbs.

I hope I’ve broken out of the stall and am headed down again for a good, long run. I didn’t do anything special. In fact, I missed about 10 minutes of my workout last week and my calorie count was a little high a couple of days. I’m within 10 lbs. of being out of […]

Day 346: -1.5 lbs.

I’m back. After wallowing in the doldrums for nearly a month I finally recorded a significant loss from last week (313.5 down to 312.0). It wasn’t wasted time though. During that lull I received three unsolicited comments from people in the water aerobics class. After the first one I suspected that it had more to […]

Day 318: -2.0 lbs.

Another 2 lbs. closer to leaving the 300s behind. Allowing for the last plateau, that should happen some time in mid- to late May. I didn’t do anything special to break the stall. I did manage to keep daily calories to about 200 fewer than my plan allowance. If you count a hearty daily wrist […]

Day 311: -2.5 lbs.

Well, finally. I might even make it out of the 300s by my 1-year anniversary. But the BIG news is that my new Beetle finally arrived! It only took 5 months but it’s worth the wait, don’t you think?       —Sistah

Day 304: -0.5 lb.

Still technically in the land of stall. At least whatever movement, even if statistically insignificant, is in the right direction. —Sistah