Celebrating the big 5-0

and I don’t mean my birthday. Wow. It just hit me what 50 pounds represent: a sack of fertilizer; a jumbo sack of dog food; 2.25 sacks of kitty litter; 1/8th of my former self… I thought about celebrating, but crashed back to earth when I realized that I have to do this four more […]

Day 163: -1.5 lbs.

Indulge me while I savor a minor achievement. Instead of looking at the long road ahead I took a moment to look back on 50 freaking pounds lost so far (about 5.5 months)! I’m still keeping a rolling weekly average loss of just over 1.5 lbs. per week, though I think it might be time […]

Day 156: -1.5 lbs

I’ll take anything I can get but I really expected more this time. I ate an average of 75 calories fewer than my allotment for the week and I bumped my aerobic exercise time up by 10 minutes for a total of 90 minutes per week (or the equivalent of just over 10 miles). If […]

Can you keep a secret?

As a veteran of the weight wars I have lots of experience with inflated expectations so this time I’ve decided not to tell anyone that I was on yet another endeavor to shed some pounds. Instead, I would wait to see if/when anyone noticed. My husband seems pretty observant. For instance, he’s noticed that I’ve […]

Day 149: -1.0 lb.

Down one pound! What a pleasant surprise since this was a weekend with visiting grand kids and two daughters. Too much wine and pumpkin pancakes (not together). I was prepared for a lot worse. In spite of a shopping spree at Trader Joe’s and my daughter’s (healthy) gourmet cooking I was able to keep the average […]

Pain, pain go away…

…don’t come back some other day either. After 13 years of dealing with this, you’d think I’ve learned what triggers pain flare-ups. It might as well be due to solar flares, for all I know. As it is, it remain as mystery. I just have to “manage” it. The latest episode started last evening. I […]

Day 142: -3.0 lbs.

There’s nothing like success to breed incentive. Despite entertaining guests for most of the week, including eating out one night, I managed to keep the average daily calories-in to within 98% of target. I also bumped up my aerobic exercise time by 12.5% to compensate for the 3 days that my calories in exceeded target […]

I feel a rant coming on

I was watching a movie last night and it occurred to me that among all of the women (including extras in the crowd scenes) the only ones who were “queen sized” were the African-American women (of course). Everyone else was 1) slender, 2) fit, 3) young (or young looking), 4) attractive and 5) white. Interesting. […]

Day 135: -2.5 lbs.

Easy come, easy go. (Sorry for the cliché— bad habit.) Whereas I was bummed that I had gained a pound last week, I seemed to have lost it again and another 1.5 of its companions. Now that I’m back on a downward trajectory, I’m feeling much better this week. I officially have less than 200 […]