A breakthrough!

Besides impressing my doc on Monday with a further 5 lb. loss in less than a month this visit resulted in another major ego-boost. If you recall, I posted a previous shit-fit over the size of waiting room chairs, As usual, the waiting room was pretty full and the only available seating was limited to […]

Day 191: -3.5 lbs.

That’s more like it. Given the holiday, minimal exercise and a long road trip “over the river and through the woods,” I wondered. No turkey hangover this year. Who needs stuffing and mashed potatoes when you can have phad thai and green curry? On our way both to and from my brother’s house we make it […]

Day 184: -1.0

Back to a gentle glide-path. I’ll take what I can get but I had hoped to “bank” a little extra going into the holiday. It’s probably a good way to keep me from overindulging. I just need to work a little harder so next weigh day isn’t a total blow-out. -Sistah

Finding a car that fits

It’s time for a new car. My 2002 Beetle has gone about 180,000 miles, which isn’t really an issue. The real issue is that it is a manual transmission, which I prefer but is no longer practical because the distance between the clutch and brake pedals has been too close for the last couple of […]

Note to self:

Yo, Self, listen up! We have to talk. It has come to my attention that you have a potty-mouth (-pen). So try to dial it back a little. —Little Sistah

Day 177: -3.0 lbs.

That’s more like it. Back on track for an average weekly loss of 2.4 lbs. despite one minor cheesecake indulgence. Just practicing for the start of the holiday season. Almost forgot! Another milestone: I’ve reduced my daily wine consumption by ~50% to no more than 6 oz. per day (with dinner). Instead of “happy hour” […]

Day 170: +1.0 lb.

Uh oh. Another fucking “adjustment”. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the piece of celebratory cheese cake on Wednesday, would it? I knew it… I failed to budget for it, even knowing that I was likely to do something stupid while a friend came to visit last week. For the week, I averaged 20 […]

How to make your doctor smile

Lose 50 pounds. Though my (un-medicated) cholesterol and blood glucose levels have been good for years, I need to have another blood test. Also have to test for TSH again. Nevertheless, when my doctor is happy I’m happy. —Sistah