Day: 227: -1.5 lbs.

Overall, 65 lbs. lost in 2012 (since mid-May). This week’s numbers aren’t bad, considering the Christmas dinner splurge, Christmas cookies, chocolate covered blueberries and the gym being closed for two of my workout days. I just have to make it past the “champagne” tonight and get back to the gym on Wednesday. I have to […]

Mid-holiday check-in

With only a few pieces of pie and a plate of cookies remaining I’d say we’re safely past the first holiday binge. My daily calorie count averages 1250 kcal. with the exception of Tuesday, for which there is no data but is likely off the scale. It all went to hell starting with a couple […]

Day 221: -0.5 lb.

I decided to repeat Weigh Day today. Fluid retention still seems to be a problem but not only internal. I washed my hair before climbing on the scale. So now that we’re back headed in the right direction I feel a little better about pigging out (within reason, of course) today. I’m planning to keep […]

Day 220: +0.5 lbs.

Oh my. I think this is mainly fluid retention. I felt a little bloated this morning so I expected this. Looking back for the fast few days, my sodium intake was elevated. Average daily calories were more than 100 kcal. fewer that recommended for this week and I bumped my exercise level up slightly so […]

Christmas cookies! What to do?

I’m not a huge fan of sweets but I usually won’t pass them up if offered to me. This, being the season of offering sweets, is an issue. So far, we have gotten a tin of wonderful Basler leckerli (Basel cookies) which are mostly honey, sugar, spices, almonds, and candied citrus peel. Sounds healthy enough. I […]

Day 213: -4.0 lbs.

Way to go, self! Down 4 pounds this week which means I’m back on track for a ~2 lb./week average. I’ve dumped another 5+ lbs. for a total loss of 63 lbs. so far. (What’s that represent? A couple of pails of kitty litter?) I modified my overall goal to 150 lbs. which will put […]

Day 206: -0.5 lb.

I had a feeling this would be a “rest” week. Things have been going along pretty steadily for 4 weeks (= 9.5 lbs. loss). Based on historical trends, I should be due for an adjustment. It seems to happen every 9 to 10 lbs. No worries. It is what it is. —Sistah

Time to calibrate

Not “celebrate,” but “calibrate.” Being basically a data-wonk, geek, socially inept, numerically-oriented freak, I study my charted progress against all sorts of potentially dependent variables to look for associations. I’m obviously not the first person to do this and I don’t expect to come up with a formula to predict weight loss from (for instance) […]

Day 198: -2.0 lbs.

Observation: By keeping my average daily calories for the week between 150 and 200 kcal. below the estimate (currently 1620) from my tracking app, I am able to keep going in the right direction. It all goes to hell once I get close to the estimate, or go over by even a little bit. I […]