Day 237: -4.0 lbs

I’m down 4.0 lbs. from the last post (2 weeks ago—sorry, got busy) and now safely out of the 300s, despite missing a couple of workout days. That means I am now only 2.0 lbs. away from my next mini-goal of 292.0. I have to say, my clothes are even more loose now and I […]

Day 416: -7.5 lbs.

I’m back! I spent June bouncing between 306 and 301.5 and then back to 304. Ugh… Finally, today I finally broke out of that miserable cycle and dropped 5.5 lbs from last week to below 300 (298.5 to be exact). This officially marks 100 lbs. lost. Just another 150 or so to go! Easy peasy. […]

Day 360: -2.0 lbs.

Oh so close, but I won’t quite make -100 lbs. for the year. Still, I have 4 days to go and less than 7.5 lbs. to lose, and that’s close enough. How does it feel? In a word— great! All things considered, it has been painless (discounting my background chronic pain and a month-long stall) […]

Day 262: -3.0 lbs.

Big day! As of this morning I weighed in at 324.5 lbs. which means I have officially exceeded 75 lbs. lost and I’m within 0.5 lb. of meeting G2 (2nd 10% loss, or 10% less than G1 weight). I look at my big dog and think: Wow, I’ve lost the equivalent of one Max. All […]

A breakthrough!

Besides impressing my doc on Monday with a further 5 lb. loss in less than a month this visit resulted in another major ego-boost. If you recall, I posted a previous shit-fit over the size of waiting room chairs, As usual, the waiting room was pretty full and the only available seating was limited to […]

Celebrating the big 5-0

and I don’t mean my birthday. Wow. It just hit me what 50 pounds represent: a sack of fertilizer; a jumbo sack of dog food; 2.25 sacks of kitty litter; 1/8th of my former self… I thought about celebrating, but crashed back to earth when I realized that I have to do this four more […]