weighty issues

Christmas cookies! What to do?

I’m not a huge fan of sweets but I usually won’t pass them up if offered to me. This, being the season of offering sweets, is an issue. So far, we have gotten a tin of wonderful Basler leckerli (Basel cookies) which are mostly honey, sugar, spices, almonds, and candied citrus peel. Sounds healthy enough. I […]

Finding a car that fits

It’s time for a new car. My 2002 Beetle has gone about 180,000 miles, which isn’t really an issue. The real issue is that it is a manual transmission, which I prefer but is no longer practical because the distance between the clutch and brake pedals has been too close for the last couple of […]

How to make your doctor smile

Lose 50 pounds. Though my (un-medicated) cholesterol and blood glucose levels have been good for years, I need to have another blood test. Also have to test for TSH again. Nevertheless, when my doctor is happy I’m happy. —Sistah

Can you keep a secret?

As a veteran of the weight wars I have lots of experience with inflated expectations so this time I’ve decided not to tell anyone that I was on yet another endeavor to shed some pounds. Instead, I would wait to see if/when anyone noticed. My husband seems pretty observant. For instance, he’s noticed that I’ve […]

Pain, pain go away…

…don’t come back some other day either. After 13 years of dealing with this, you’d think I’ve learned what triggers pain flare-ups. It might as well be due to solar flares, for all I know. As it is, it remain as mystery. I just have to “manage” it. The latest episode started last evening. I […]

I feel a rant coming on

I was watching a movie last night and it occurred to me that among all of the women (including extras in the crowd scenes) the only ones who were “queen sized” were the African-American women (of course). Everyone else was 1) slender, 2) fit, 3) young (or young looking), 4) attractive and 5) white. Interesting. […]

Of stairs and chairs

Recently I was requested to meet with a client at their home. Like a dope, I agreed to it and immediately after that the pangs of anxiety started. I had never been there before and so had never plotted the fat-friendly access into the house. Since my accident I have been stair-averse. Faced with a […]