Day 237: -4.0 lbs

I’m down 4.0 lbs. from the last post (2 weeks ago—sorry, got busy) and now safely out of the 300s, despite missing a couple of workout days. That means I am now only 2.0 lbs. away from my next mini-goal of 292.0.

I have to say, my clothes are even more loose now and I am starting to become more annoyed by excess skin (upper arms, belly, and boobs, of course). My face is noticeably thinner and I just discovered that I actually have cheekbones! Losing a chin or two is a nice bonus but the tradeoff is (ugh) skin.

I was inspired to get new glasses (well, truthfully, my fading eyesight inspired me). I’ve always hated the skinny little frames that have been in style far too long and held on to my “John Lennon” frames through two or three prescriptions. Not being a consumer of fashion, except in the waiting room of my doctor’s office, I was unaware that the style mavens have endorsed large, black, heavy framed glasses as a fashion statement. It took a trip to the doc to discover that. So, when it came time to choose frames I went for the wonkiest ones on the rack—big, dark, tortoise shell Ray-Bans. They’re even wonkier than the far more expensive Guccis. The “frame stylist” that accompanied me pronounced them to be “nerdy glasses.” But then, she was obviously old-school and oblivious to this recent style shift. She was wearing mini-frames. As an added bonus, they actually look good on my “new” face. However, I had to have them adjusted to keep from falling down my nose. A happy by-product of a skinnier face.

I prefer not to invest in a new wardrobe since I am counting on eventually becoming several sizes smaller and I’ve blown through $600 on glasses, but I have mined my closet for clothes that fit from long ago—gosh, maybe 14 or 15 years ago! Thankfully there are still a few of my all-time favorite dresses that I couldn’t bear to toss out. A few are still a bit too small but (OMG!), according to my fashion consult in the doctor’s office waiting room, they are back in style! It pays to be a pack rat. For everyday wear I can always make an oversize t-shirt work and as long as I cinch up the drawstring, my comfortable pants won’t fall off.

Clothes aren’t the only things that fit better. I no longer completely avoid armchairs. I still have to calculate relative width between the arms vs. the size of my butt, but more often than not, I can confidently plop down in a real chair. Restaurant booths are the next frontier. Soft, cushy sofas are another matter. Between my post-Bang partial paralysis and arthritis in my knees, I’m not ready to (gracefully) get out of sofas that tend to swallow people.