Day 318: -2.0 lbs.

Another 2 lbs. closer to leaving the 300s behind. Allowing for the last plateau, that should happen some time in mid- to late May.

I didn’t do anything special to break the stall. I did manage to keep daily calories to about 200 fewer than my plan allowance. If you count a hearty daily wrist workout from knitting, I seem to be more active than usual, however I know I need to bump up the cardio time to compensate for the slow down in calorie expenditure as I lose weight. My workout used to be worth almost 13% more when I started than the same routine is now. Interestingly, that is about the % difference in current daily calories from planned. I guess I could bump each session up by an extra 5 minutes or go for a walk each morning before the wind comes up. (If I wait until the wind starts though more calories would be burned from the wind resistance…) Or, I could be content with just eating less— and knitting more.