Day 346: -1.5 lbs.

I’m back. After wallowing in the doldrums for nearly a month I finally recorded a significant loss from last week (313.5 down to 312.0). It wasn’t wasted time though. During that lull I received three unsolicited comments from people in the water aerobics class. After the first one I suspected that it had more to do with changing my attire from a t-shirt and shorts to an actual swimsuit that I had saved in the back of a drawer. It’s about 10 years old and a size 26. When I first tried it on about 6 weeks ago I could wriggle into it. It now fits pretty comfortably. I also found a barely worn mock turtle necked shirt (size 3X) which fits well. I feel a little out of uniform since it’s maroon and not black, but it might be time to flaunt a little color.

I don’t want to turn this into a knitting blog, but I’m finding that I would rather knit than eat (!) and I’ve even given up an hour or two of sleep to be able to enjoy the mesmerizing sound of needles clicking together. I have completed 5 projects and have 3 in progress (and dozens waiting in the wings). My neighbor raises alpacas for their fleece and knits the annual yield to sell to be able to afford the winter feed. I guess that qualifies as sustainable agriculture. Together with another neighbor, we get together every few weeks for a good stitch ‘n’ bitch. The alpaca-mom and I have decided to conquer the möbius monster this summer. Time to sharpen the needles and practice casting on.