Day 360: -2.0 lbs.

Oh so close, but I won’t quite make -100 lbs. for the year. Still, I have 4 days to go and less than 7.5 lbs. to lose, and that’s close enough.

How does it feel? In a word— great! All things considered, it has been painless (discounting my background chronic pain and a month-long stall) which gives me hope that I can not only keep going for the next 100 lbs. but keep the same pattern and habits for the rest of my life. Last week someone at the pool asked me what kind of surgery I’d had. It took me a moment to understand the question. She was asking me what kind of weight loss surgery I’d had. It was actually fun to tell her, “none.” So, it’s been painless in that sense too.

What have I learned?

1) If I let my calorie tracker app (MyNetDiary) calculate target calories based on my current weight, I need to drop this down by about 100 – 200 cal. per day to sustain an actual loss. (Blame it on my metabolism.)

2) Exercise is important but it doesn’t necessarily contribute to weight loss. I don’t exercise so I can eat more or lose more weight. I exercise to maintain mobility, range of motion, balance and cardio-pulminary health. I never eat the calories that I save from exercise so that may make a difference. The fact that I may also require exercise to maintain weight is assumed. I’m also hoping that it will eventually give my metabolism a kick in the ass. However, this is yet to come. I’m still limited by the type of exercise that I do by the onset of nerve pain and the bald truth is that at 300 lbs. (well, 307.5 lbs.) I am still too heavy to comfortably do much. I’m expending about as much will-power as I can muster just now to expend more energy. But if I had more, I would make an effort to get off my butt at regular intervals and march around the kitchen island. Unfortunately, I have fallen into the pattern of managing my nerve pain by engaging my brain, which means sitting. Yes, I’ve considered a standing desk, but I’ll save that for the next 100 lbs.

3) You can’t knit and eat at the same time. Enough said.