Day: 297: 0 lbs.

Ugh. I should rename this site Flatlandia. —Sistah

Day 290: -2.5 lbs.

Bumpity-bump. We’re back to a reasonable loss for the week and within 0.5 lb. of a total of 80 lbs. lost and forever forgotten. I had to shed an average of 300 kcal. to move off of dead-center. I guess I’ll shave it a little closer this week. At this rate, once I reach target […]

Day 283: -0.5 lb.

This might as well be flatlandia. I never should have used the p-word last time. Derf’s birthday celebration dinner is to blame even though I thought I was using restraint to order the Parmesan-encrusted chicken when I really wanted eggplant Parmesan (think eggplant buried beneath mounds of cheese). I know very well that the (large) glass […]

Day 276: -1.0 lb.

A measly 1.0 loss. This isn’t officially a plateau but it is a significant stall. Well, at least for me it’s significant. I’m still averaging an overall loss of 2.1 lb. per week. If that drops below 2.0 I will probably really freak out. Despite being really good the rest of the week, I knew […]

Day 270: Fat Tuesday

The scale didn’t budge despite a harder than usual workout and sticking to 1,200 for the day. Oh well… See you next Monday. —Sistah

Day 269: 0 lbs.

Well, what can I say? At least it’s not a positive number. I’ll plan to re-weigh tomorrow before freaking out, so chack back then. —Sistah

Day 262: -3.0 lbs.

Big day! As of this morning I weighed in at 324.5 lbs. which means I have officially exceeded 75 lbs. lost and I’m within 0.5 lb. of meeting G2 (2nd 10% loss, or 10% less than G1 weight). I look at my big dog and think: Wow, I’ve lost the equivalent of one Max. All […]

Day 255: -0.5 lb.

Well, that sucks. I’m going to miss G2 this week and probably next week too. I logged fewer calories in and more calories out than the previous week so I expected more cooperation from my body. Looking back at the graph of my overall progress I see that I hit these little “speed bumps” about […]

Day 248: -1.5 lbs

This would have been -2.0 lbs. except that I have an extra 0.5 lb. of snot on board. Being sick sucks. I think I will go back to bed and wake up next week. —Sistah

Day 241: -3.5 lbs.

Wow. This is an unexpected surprise. Especially since this past week was yet another in which I missed a day at the gym. This time the weather was to blame. A guilty conscience was probably responsible for keeping my average daily calorie count at about 200 below target. I should find a way to celebrate […]