Day 121: -2.5 lbs.

Every Monday is a nail-biter until I step off the scale. I am happy to report that the scale was happy to report a 2.5 lb. (~1 kg.) loss since last week and 41.5 lbs. gone since May, 2012. I am out of the 360s and chewing my way through the 350s. With the first […]

My body as a science project

(Warning: this posts involves MATH! Reader discretion advised.) I use this great app on my iPhone to count calories. Based on my initial stats, it computes the number of calories needed to maintain my current weight and my Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), or the minimum number of calories  (kcal.) needed for basic function (breathing, heart […]

Hi, my name is Sistah Phat and I’m a …

I know what you’re thinking: Just what the world needs—another blog. But it’s time to reveal the ugly truth: I am one of the 6% of Americans who are “morbidly obese.” I suspect that a number of you who are reading this are (or were) in the same boat. I’m mainly putting this out there […]